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9 Ways to Avoid Embarrassment during the Festive Period

Do-and-Dont-on-Twitter_www.fusion-media.euUnfortunately, slip ups do happen on social media, especially when we let our guard down. And they don’t just make the company look bad; they can also affect your professional reputation. Below are nine helpful tips to help you avoid embarrassment this festive season as you manage your brand’s social media presence.

1. Create social media separation
It’s natural to want to vent, but during stressful times, it’s easy to accidentally post your feelings to the wrong audience. Keep your personal devices personal, especially during the holidays. Disabling your company accounts on your phone and tablet will lessen your risk of posting personal messages on your company channels, and let you keep your work life professional.

2. Use a private browser on mobile
Set up your smartphone with a browser that requires you to log in every time you want to use your company’s social media accounts. This way, you’ll be less likely to accidentally post something intended for your friends’ eyes to your company account.

3. Don’t drink and Tweet
Vow never to post anything to your company social media if you don’t have a clear head. Same goes if you’re upset, tired, jetlagged or just in a bad mood. Wait until you’ve calmed down before pressing TWEET.

4. Assign a designated poster
If your social or personal plans interfere with your schedule, turn over your social media duties to a trusted co-worker. This way, you can relax during your family gathering, knowing that there will be a clear-headed person at the helm.

5. Reiterate your social media policy 
During the holidays, consider sending out an email to your employees reminding them of the importance of using discretion during the holidays when it comes to posts on the company social pages or using company hashtags. Remind them of the importance of keeping the company name “clean.”

6. Keep your logo on the down low 
If you’re hosting an event in public, resist the urge to emblazon everything with your corporate identity. The last thing you want to see is your logo splashed across the chest of someone dancing with a Christmas tree.

7. Keep a digital eye on your accounts 
Monitor your company hashtags and accounts for compromising content (like posts, tags, images, comments and pictures) so you can delete unwanted items before they have a chance to spread.

8. Remember your company values
On the same note, remember your high-level branding goals. While it’s fine to be fun and playful, ask yourself whether your post is in line with the image you want to portray. Again, discretion is key. When in doubt, delay pressing the SEND button until you’re confident it’s something you want to communicate.

9. Keep it light
Christmas and New Year’s Eve aren’t good times to send out hard news. Take the time to thank your customers and followers, and wish them well for the coming year. Remember: they’re people, too, and probably thinking about loved ones rather than work. The holidays are a chance to strengthen personal connections with your user base, which will hopefully translate into good cheer in the coming year.

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