Has Your Business Got A Personality

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What’s your business personality?

EVERY business has a personality. Well, it does, doesn’t it? Some are young and cool, some are quirky, some are geeky, some are strict and serious and some are – let’s face it – just a bit beige.

Trouble is, not everyone thinks about their business in terms of personality, and it can be harder to build an audience if nobody really understands your business energy and ethos.

Fusion Media Marketing Services KentJust think about some of the big brands out there… it’s pretty easy to immediately get a feel for their personality, isn’t it? Virgin. Google. British Aerospace / BAE Systems. Aston Martin. Pluck any big brand and, chances are, you’ll have feelings or buzzwords popping into your head. And because their personalities are so clear, they can easily target their messages to the right groups of people AND the right people will seek them out. Simple isn’t it?

So, what’s YOUR business personality? Need a clue?

Okay… think of it this way… if your business was actually a person, who would it hang out with? Who would its friends be and what would they talk about? Which newspapers and magazines would they read? Which websites would they be browsing? Which social media channels would they use? Questions like these help you work out your business personality, hone your messages and even work our where to place your marketing efforts.

And you know what? If your business personality is a bit starched and serious, that’s okay. It’s a case of horses for courses, and knowing who you are helps you target the right audience. You might want to be thinking more of an FT reading tribe of followers than an X-Box playing one, that’s all.

Whoever you are and whatever your business personality might be, be proud of it. Hone it. Grow it. Nurture it. Get out there and talk about it. Zone your PR and marketing efforts in on the places where YOUR tribe might hang out.

People buy people, as the saying goes, but they also buy personality!

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