The Fusion Media Team

Fusion Media has a close-knit team with a variety of skills. We pride ourselves on growing our agency alongside our clients’ businesses and ensuring that we’re constantly developing as individuals, and can be often found at digital marketing events across the country scribbling notes on the back of the event guide.

We believe that an agency should be an extension of your organisation. Our success is down to the hard work and the quality of our team. For us, it’s all about pulling together, in the same direction. Here are some of our team who create that difference at Fusion Media

Christopher Bassett

Managing Director

With a background in both creative and client services, he has a progressive, forward-thinking attitude and is constantly looking to the agency’s future and, in particular, how we can continue to deliver first-class creative marketing solutions for our clients using the latest technologies and techniques.

Chris Bennett

Account Manager

Chris studied at the University of Kent and achieved a BA and Masters degree in English and American Literature and Creative Writing. Following his degree he has used his interest in these areas to gain a wealth of experience in writing for the media.

Lindsay Bassett


Lindsay works across a range of our clients. Working behind the scenes, she mainly focuses on keeping things ticking, and also helps out the rest of the team during events and other busy periods.

Lucy Nicholls

Account Executive

Since graduating, Lucy has worked in various roles across retail, marketing and project management. With her love for sport, she joined the Fusion Media team as an account executive, working across PR, digital and social.

Carl Dineen


Carl has over 30 years’ experience in production and print. From the initial briefing through to execution and delivery, Carl plans, schedules and prioritises the agency’s creative, studio and digital work for print and exhibition projects.

David Baker

Finance Controller

David contributes to the overall success of Fusion Media by effectively managing all financial tasks, overseeing budgeting and accounting.

Caroline Mitchell

Office and HR Manager

Caroline is our office manager and also looks after the HR side of the business. Having worked for a busy international shipping company as an Executive Assistant and HR/Compliance Manager she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Reece Heard

Social Media Executive

Reece joined Fusion Media as an apprentice before becoming a social media executive and is entrusted with coming up with new creative content and making sure our clients tone of voice is consistent, yet always fresh across all social media platforms.

Jamie Clark

Digital Marketing Executive

Jamie brings his knowledge of sport to his creative work to create high-impact copy and digital marketing strategies for his clients. He is also in charge of all video production projects.

Emma Gamboa


As a Webmaster, Developer and Administrator, Emma manages and maintains websites, ensuring their optimal performance, functionality, and security. She is responsible for both the technical aspects of web development and the administrative tasks involved in website management.


Office Dog

Otis provides morale boosts and loves all the different deliveries and people that come to the office, giving him lots of attention and cuddles. He knows just how cute he is and uses this to his full advantage.

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