Why Mobile Matters for PR

There are two rapidly expanding fields right now that have quite a lot in common. Both are finding brand new ways to adapt to today’s rapid pace world. And, to be honest, they need each other.

People just aren’t satisfied to sit behind a desk all day typing on their computers. They’re outside, in coffee shops, and generally about town, making things work for them the way they’ve always wanted. But that hasn’t changed the need to bring your message to their ears and eyes. Fortunately, everybody is carrying a tiny computer around with them. So what to do?

The Relationship

Even in the early days of smartphones it was apparent there was some benefit to utilizing this new tech for PR purposes. Even back when the original Blackberry was just an email gathering machine it still increased the potential for exposure tenfold. Getting emails any time, any place rather than just when at a computer? That’s a huge jump in connectivity.

Of course now the mobile game has expanded beyond belief. In little over a decade smartphones and now tablets are changing the way we do everything, including business and PR. If you have the smarts and creativity you can even create a simple app for millions upon millions of people to download, increasing your exposure across the nation and world.

And that’s one of the biggest benefits, especially for small businesses. Mobile, as an extent of Internet availability, has evened the playing ground for many who would never be able to extend their business beyond their small town before. Now even the smallest, most niche company has the potential for a worldwide audience.

How to Capitalize

Like everything else in business, mobile all depends on how you use it. After all, technology is only useful in the hands of someone who can work it. Earlier we mentioned the app strategy, but that depends on you having something useful as well as knowing how to make the things. That won’t work for everyone.

However, knowing how connected everyone is can be your biggest asset. All a user has to do is click “like” on your page and suddenly your audience grows. To help move this along, make sure everyone can reach your social media sites easily.

Another way to ensure more visitors on mobile devices is to customize your website for mobile. If you’ve used a smartphone for any length of time you know some websites work great with phones and others just…don’t. Make sure yours is easy to read and navigate or nobody will care beyond the opening page.

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