New 2021/2022 Limagrain UK brochures

Limagrain UK, the UK’s leading plant breeder and seed producer, has announced the launch of its new collection of product brochures for 2021/2022.

The new range of Limagrain UK 2021/2022 brochures are now available to download on the Limagrain website or from a company representative. Existing and new prospective customers can look forward to the following brochures:

New 2021/2022 Limagrain UK brochures

MM seed

The professional’s choice

Limagrain’s MM range of grass seed is one of the most respected brands in the UK turf industry and is relied upon at some of the most prestigious sporting venues in the UK and beyond. Quite simply it is the premium grass seed for sports and amenity professionals.

The MM range has mixtures to suit every sporting situation and at this time of year, readers of the brochure will be particularly drawn to the MM60 and MM Tetrasport mixtures; which are perfect for winter sports.

Also featured in the brochure is Limagrain’s MM50 which is one of the UK’s biggest selling grass mixtures. Ideal for cricket squares and tennis courts the hard-wearing mix has rapid germination, high shoot density, is tolerant to close mowing and produces a great colour all year round.

All of the mixtures in the MM range are treated with Limagrain’s HEADSTART® GOLD – a revolutionary grass seed treatment that ensures rapid germination. Readers of the brochure will be able to find out more about this biological germination accelerator which is enhancing grass seed coatings at many of the UK’s leading sporting venues.

Colour Splash

Beautiful and wildlife friendly

Limagrain UK’s range of Colour Splash flower mixtures have been used in a broad range of landscape and amenity areas throughout the UK.

The Colour Splash mixtures are particularly popular with those who not only enjoy a delightful array of colourful flowers but also highly appreciate the effect they have on the landscape. Readers of the new Colour Splash brochure will see how the flowers provide a welcome refuge for wildlife; offering a rich and varied source of food.

Designer amenity grass seed and wildflower

A solution for every requirement

The Designer range from Limagrain is one of the leading brands in the UK turf industry. With an extensive range of amenity grass mixtures which meet the exact requirements of varied end users, the popular brand is used by the likes of landscapers, local authorities and sports clubs throughout the country.

The success of the Designer range is built upon a wealth of technical and practical experience within this specialised area. Limagrain’s rigorous trialling system ensures that every single grass variety will perform, whether sown alone or part of a well-balanced formulation.

Not only do the new Limagrain brochures contain detailed information about the products but they also include valuable technical advice, information on mixture composition and some extremely useful facts and figures including a pitch size and quantity guide and a sowing rate conversion chart.

For further information, please contact Limagrain UK on 01472 371471 or visit the company’s website