Pellenc converts sceptical petrol user

Readyhedge benefits from battery-powered technology

Stuart Robertson of Readyhedge admits that a range of battery powered Pellenc equipment has dramatically changed his mindset.

“Before I started working at Readyhedge, I only ever used petrol machinery,” said Stuart. “When I picked up the Pellenc tools for the first time, I honestly thought that they were not going to be up to the job. In my opinion, nothing could compare to petrol.

“How wrong I was! This Pellenc equipment has turned my whole view around – they are just fantastic, and I am well and truly converted.”

Pellenc converts sceptical petrol user

Situated on an 18-acre site in Pershore, Readyhedge grows a vast range of hedging in its Readyhedge Troughs and Readybags. It also produces aerial screening and stocks a selection of root-balled hedging units during the winter months. Within the Readybag and Readyhedge trough ranges customers will find a number of plants all growing well together and carefully clipped into a Readyhedge.

This is where the Pellenc equipment comes in and Readyhedge’s Nursery Manager Liam Ireland explained why the company first decided to invest in the impressive range of equipment.

“We started using the Pellenc range due to being able put the battery on your back,” he said.

“The weight on your back means operators can work for longer periods of time without suffering from fatigue on their arms, as they are only holding the head and blade, not the power source as-well.

“As the nursery is near to housing our noise pollution is far less with the Pellenc equipment compared to petrol. They are also more efficient as no time is needed for refilling or mixing fuels. There are also no fumes and far less vibration levels for the operator.”

Light, odourless, noise-free, with no starting problems and enough power to enable professional users to work for a full day on a single charge, it’s no wonder more and more professional users are turning to Pellenc. It is an attractive alternative to those who have, for several years, been relying on fuel-based machinery.

A forerunner when it comes to lithium-ion technology, Pellenc has established itself as the number one choice in the ‘zero emission’ professional power tools market for the maintenance of urban and green-spaces.

With an extensive product list available from Pellenc, Readyhedge recently added the all-new Helion Alpha hedge-trimmer with an on-board 260 battery to its existing Helion hedge-trimmer and ULiB400 battery.

“Don’t get me wrong, the older Helion model is great,” said Stuart. “They would go for 7 hours a day and would cope with absolutely everything. The battery pack, which I wore on my back, was very comfortable too.

“However, the new Helion Alpha telescopic version gives me far more flexibility, because when I am trimming off the top, I can simply adjust the angle of the blade to help me reach. I would say the pivot on it is essential. I also like the fact that the long handle allows you to stand back from the hedge so you can clearly see what you are cutting.

“It seems to be quicker and easier than the older model too, and anything that is more time efficient for us is very welcome,” he continued. “The newer models are IP54 waterproof rated so that alone makes me feel safe. We must go out there and cut no matter what the weather and we can do that safely and efficiently with the Pellenc equipment.

Pellenc converts sceptical petrol user

“The finish with the Helion is very good and presentation is key because we are supplying the finished product to the customer.

“Then there is the reliability too,” added Stuart. “I was forever putting petrol machines in for servicing and repair so we would often be without equipment for weeks at a time – therefore costing money. The Pellenc equipment needs hardly any maintenance and we’ve not had any problems at all.

“For years and years, I used petrol trimmers and they unfortunately gave me white finger and constant trouble with my wrists. I am now using the Pellenc trimmers all day every day and I don’t have those problems.

“Overall, I am pleased that Pellenc has proved me wrong.”

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