Shropshire Club can’t get enough of the SISIS Quadraplay

The football pitches at Prees Cricket and Recreation Club in Shropshire have significantly benefitted from a SISIS Quadraplay, according to Head Groundsman Duncan Austin.

With a multitude of football teams ranging from under 8’s up to seniors, both men and ladies, it is safe to say that the three football pitches are heavily used.


Aside from the three football pitches, Duncan also maintains two artificial football pitches, a cricket square and two bowling greens, so anything that makes his life easier is a huge benefit.

It is for this reason that Duncan and the Club decided to explore the possibility of obtaining an equipment grant through the Football Foundation.

“The Football Foundation is helping to improve football pitches at grassroots level and there are several grants available,” said Duncan. “We conducted a big pitch assessment, took photos, root depth measurements and provided the Football Foundation with lots of other information. We were over the moon when we found out we had been accepted for the grant.

One of the machines they recommended was the SISIS Quadraplay.”

The multi-functional SISIS Quadraplay single pass maintenance system is perfect for busy groundspersons like Duncan as it incorporates a mounted frame for up to four implements such as grooming rakes, spikers, slitters, rollers and brushes. The implements can be fitted to the mainframe in any order and can be independently adjusted to achieve the desired effect. Compact, robust, versatile and with the ability to carry out up to four operations simultaneously – the Quadraplay makes life a lot easier for many groundspersons.

Duncan was familiar with the SISIS Quadraplay after previously seeing it in action at a demonstration evening at a nearby football club. He admits to being impressed when he first saw the Quadraplay but didn’t realise just how beneficial it could be, until now.

“I use it all the time and whenever I do, I know that the Quadraplay is improving the ground in some form,” he said. “It is great to use after games because it can help bring the surface back to life and it puts all the divots back in place.

“The grass gets trodden down after a game and that doesn’t do the leaf any good so the Quadraplay can stand the plant up to help it dry out and you have the spike at the front which gets rid of any surface moisture. Therefore, the surface dries out quicker and is healthier for the plant. Then when you come to cut, because the plant is stood up, you get a nicer clean cut. You can also use the brush which is excellent for presentation.

“Another good way of using it is to lift the three back implements up and use the spiker/slitter. This has all the weight on in and you can get really deep with it. It’s important to do this because with so much usage I need to get as much air into the ground as possible.

“It is just so versatile. You just can’t overuse something like the SISIS Quadraplay in my opinion.”

For further information or a no obligation demonstration, please contact SISIS on 01332 824 777 or visit